Another first in Canada for Planifika!

IAM Endorsed Trainer

Québec, 2019 – Planifika has been certified by The Institute of asset management (IAM) as an Endorsed Trainer.


In 2016, Planifika was one of the first firms in America certified as Endorsed Assessor of the IAM, a certification for auditing against ISO 55001. With the new title of Endorsed Trainer, Planifika now becomes the second firm in America and the only firm in Canada to be granted both certifications!


Endorsed trainer

As Endorsed Trainer, Planifika will be able to train new professionals, business executives or any other member of an organization to promote the importance of using asset management best practices to generate greatest successes and performance.


The achievement of this international recognition demonstrates that Planifika has competent and qualified instructors, the best asset management specialists, each individually certified by IAM and with extensive coaching experience in asset management. Planifika’s team will be able to offer personalized and reliable training, consistent with the highest international standards in asset management.


Our team is strong and has a unique asset management experience. Becoming the first and only certified trainers in America is the result of exceptional work by our professionals. Always leaders in our field, we are ready to share the information on asset management and we believe therefore we’ll help organizations to reach new heights!”-Bernard Gaudreault, President.




The IAM is a non-for-profit, professional body that exists to advance the discipline of Asset Management. The IAM promote the generation and application of knowledge, training and good practice (ISO 55000) and help individuals becoming demonstrably competent in asset management. Among other activities, it assesses endorsed trainers worldwide through a very thoroughly accreditation process or “endorsed schemes”.


Founded in 2005, Planifika is a consulting firm specializing in the field of asset management. Multidisciplinary and certified, our team works with proactive organizations or facing the challenges of managing the entire life cycle of their infrastructures, showing them the path to balance between performance, risk and costs.