Ville de Gatineau


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, Decision Process

Planifika conducted a study that led to the implementation of an action and asset maintenance plan for the 10 arenas within the city of Gatineau.




to demolish


situation finale en 2027

Planifika implemented a global action plan that suggested actions to complete for each of the arenas, in the context of their property portfolio.


Several arenas in Gatineau will require major investments over the coming years, at all levels. These buildings are particularly sensitive to disuse, both functional and physical. They are difficult to convert for different uses, and the design and construction practices in this field have evolved considerably in recent decades.

Usage data show that the arenas are in high demand; it was therefore essential to consider the continuity of operations to limit the loss of time on the ice to a minimum. To allow the city to make informed decisions and maximize their investments, it was essential to determine the current state of the facilities, as well as the programming and operations-related needs.


Using the collected and compiled data, Planifika designed an investment plan that included various scenarios, which take future real estate needs into consideration. An analysis of the operational costs provided a perspective on the overall asset lifecycle.

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