Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI)


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Evaluation of the level of organizational maturity in asset management and proposal of VALUE-ADDED improvement projects


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Les activités de collecte de données et de suivi sont des activités récurrentes importantes, mais qui nécessitent un effort important de la part des ressources des directions immobilières. Par ailleurs, la direction détient peu d’indicateurs fiables lui permettant d’analyser la situation et d’optimiser la gestion des actifs du parc.


The SQI’s building management coordination and support directorate holds dispersed and diversified real estate. Twelve regional property divisions oversee several types of buildings, including office buildings, prisons, courthouses, warehouses and Sureté du Québec posts.


In September 2015, Planifika conducted a gap analysis comparing SQI’s activities with the good practices promoted in standard ISO 55 000, while targeting potential process improvements, in order to propose a series of key value-creation projects to improve the organization’s physical asset management practices.

Following the analysis of a series of pertinent documents, several key players were brought in for interviews lasting approximately two hours. Applicable questions from the Institute of Asset Management’s maturity evaluation model were asked to each resource in order to obtain an in-depth understanding of current practices. Then, two sessions were held to demonstrate and use the main computer tools related to immobilization and maintenance management.

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