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Planifika was able to provide potential information management solutions to facilitate SÉPAQ’s decision-making regarding operations to complete on its assets.







Levels of service and risk management are significant concerns for the Sépaq. The coordination of the asset register with the accounting system required an in-depth study of hierarchization of data, in order to ensure that adequate monitoring is conducted for each property on the register.


Sépaq’s assets are very dispersed geographically, located all throughout the province, in remote, rural or urban sites. Moreover, the assets come in an impressive variety, from hunting cabins to chalets and inns, and including all of the roads, bridges and culverts, not to mention the power grids and autonomous systems spread out throughout the parks and reserves.

Historically, the available financial resources were spread thinly and relatively uniformly throughout the network, but this practice was not very beneficial. The challenge consisted in selecting the best projects and investments. Moreover, the consideration of the lifespan of an outdoor product was fundamental, because some assets that support an activity or typical product must take into account the product’s lifecycle so that the organization does not need to support assets that do not generate revenue, or that do not adequately support the organization’s mission.

The Project

Several discussions took place in the form of workshops, as Planifika’s team oriented and guided Sépaq in its reflections. Then, various interactive dashboards were created using real and fictional data in order to develop the reflection and questions about the information requirements for achieving monitoring and planning objectives in asset management. At the request of Sépaq, Planifika communicated with the American National Park Service to discuss this organization’s more mature asset management practices.

Some asset models were built to accelerate data creation and minimize information collection costs on the ground. In addition, orientations were provided for preparing electronic data-entry forms for internal Sépaq teams.

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