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Using Phase 0 analysis, Planifika helped Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) focus its efforts in the right places and adopt a roadmap to develop the organization in accordance with good practices.


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In collaboration with Planifika, MAXXUM Gestion d’Actifs was mandated by JCCBI’s management to complete a Phase 0MC study and propose value-creation improvement projects.


JCCBI’s mission consists in using systemic management to ensure the longevity of major infrastructures under its responsibility while adopting a sustainable development approach.

This is the context for MAXXUM Gestion d’Actifs and Planifika’s mandate. These two organizations must examine the management and support that the DCSGI provides for the operational activities while observing the contribution of the units and vice-presidencies, which are stakeholders in the organization.

JCCBI has gone through a considerable transformation over the last five years, from around 50 employees and a capital budget of $30M to over 150 employees and a capital budget of $300M. This transformation meant that numerous new resources were added, but the processes were not adapted to an organization of this scale.


First, the process consists in providing observations on the practices related to the organization’s asset management processes and tools in place in relation to the 39 subjects from the Institute of Asset Management’s (IAM) asset management system model. In addition, a level of maturity is attributed to each of the subjects, on a scale of 0 to 3. Then, a global point total for all of the models is calculated using an average of each of the subjects.

Secondly, a series of key value-creation projects are identified with the aim of helping JCCBI improve its practices in physical asset management. The prioritization of projects is carried out with a perspective of continued improvement, and in a way that maximizes short-term gains.

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