Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI)


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, Information management

PLANIFIKA was mandated by the Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI) to inspect all Quebec university real estate.







The province’s universities take up over 3.4 million square metres, spread out over the entire province.


The Planifika teams must audit 19 campuses to document the state of assets and evaluate the asset maintenance deficit (AMD). The various laboratories, administrative buildings, student residences and classrooms are included in this mandate. Planifika then turns these data into financial information in order to plan the investments necessary to reduce the AMD and prioritize operations with the aim of upgrading. The mandate is spread out over three years.

The projet

The mandate includes the following tasks:

  • Complete technical inspections.
  • Determine the AMD value, per building and per institution.
  • Specify the buildings’ condition, the problems and deficiencies identified, as well as the operations to complete to reduce the AMD value.
  • Calculate the replacement value of the built assets and the facility condition index (FCI).
  • Allow for the analysis of funding scenarios.
  • Allow for the prioritization and monitoring of projects that arise from ongoing asset maintenance data.
  • Produce reports with the aim of adopting the PQIs (five-year investment plans) by the MESRST as well as accountability reports.
  • Implement the mechanisms necessary for the proper management of computer data on the selected hosting site.

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