What kind of Sherpa you are?


Asset Knowledge Sherpas

If driving Asset Condition Assessments is your dream, our team needs you!

  • Our team of engineers, architects and technicians is moving from one infrastructure to the other, leaving the boring office work for others.
  • Different types of buildings, components, systems are assessed.
  • A unique in-house software helps collecting the data : no more paper, welcome technology!

We are leaders in Quebec, we would like to take a chance elsewhere in Canada. Would you help us ?

AM Advisors

Our team of advisors assists organizations in the implementation of Asset Management according to best practices, notably those promoted by the Institute of Asset Management and resulting from the ISO 55000 standard.

Different and new, isn’t it?

Asset Management is an emerging field in the business world. We are pioneers and leaders and we need reinforcements to share information and support organizations.

We are always looking for new opportunities: being well reknowned in the province of Quebec, Planifika is looking for colleagues in the rest Canada to develop new markets!

COVID-19 Our team of sherpas is ready to serve you safely and looking foward to guide you in your asset management journey! Contact us!