Founded in 2005, Planifika is a consulting firm specialized in asset management. Multi-disciplinary and certified, its team of sherpas works with organizations that are proactive or facing the challenges of managing the complete lifecycle of their assets, guiding them towards a balance between risk, costs and performance.





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PLANIFIKA is distinctive due to its custom approach, its use of avant-garde technologies and its innovative work methods. When our experts get involved, owners, managers and operators are able to draw up an overall picture of their assets and better prioritize their operations. Our ability to transform technical information into relevant financial data by data analytics is unparalleled, because our expertise revolves around adding value to information.

Why the image of a sherpa?

Like a sherpa, Planifika guides its clients in their asset management journey to lead them to new heights. The image of a sherpa embodies the spirit of collaboration that underpins our mission and attests to our desire to work closely with our clients so that, together, we can overcome their challenges.

Sherpas are guides for climbers… but the climbers complete their own climbs! We’ll climb together from the base camp towards the summit, at your organization’s pace, sometimes retracing our steps to better adjust to the challenges we meet as we progress.

Why the backwards K in the logo?

By having the K in PLANIFIKA face a different direction, we are suggesting that our company sees things differently. We analyze and provide options and solutions that our clients have never even imagined. The top of the K also forms an arrow that points to the right. The right orientation symbolizes a forward motion, positivity and dynamism.

This reinforces the idea of ascension, action, and summiting through stationary and communication tools. The base of the K serves as a launching pad towards the summit.


Our vision:

Planifika wants to help improve the quality of our society’s infrastructures by building an elite team of sherpas who go above and beyond in asset management.

50 billion dollars in asset value

Many governmental institutions, educational institutions, cities and private companies in Quebec have trusted Planifika to evaluate and transform over 50 billion dollars of asset value into management information. Planifika has a proven record as the ultimate guide, allowing organizations to reach new heights through the application of the industry’s best practices in asset management (IAM, GFMAM, ISO 55 000, IIMM).

Our values:

Integrity (or rule #6 from symphony conductor Benjamin Zander): our team values ingenuity, honesty, simplicity and sincerity. We look for team members who do not tend to take themselves too seriously or look down at others.

Innovation curiosity: Curious by nature, our organization’s members are interested in a wide variety of fields, drawing connections between the knowledge they acquire in order to constantly develop expertise, under the banner of innovation.

Engagement: Planifika is a company with a personal touch, where everyone shares the responsibility of collective success. Like Churchill, we believe that there is an “opportunity in every difficulty.”

Courage and tenacity: Our sherpas never abandon their colleagues, and they push themselves to new limits to guide our clients to reach their objectives.




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