Consulting services

Planifika guides stakeholders to make better business decisions and facilitates transitions by:

  • Improving the corporate governance in an asset management context
  • Auditing corporate policies and processes
  • Implementing risk management in the context of asset management
  • Implementing change and asset management systems

Analysis of your organization’s maturity

You can rely on Planifika to align your organization with the best industry practices in asset management. Our sherpas can develop an action plan to allow you to meet your objectives and identify which projects will generate value in the short term.

  • Analysis of asset management skills following the IAM’s 39 subjects.
  • Analysis of compliance with ISO 55001
  • Development of an action plan to meet your objectives
  • Identification of projects that generate quick wins for your organization

Information management

Planifika has become a master in the art of planning, structuring and presenting asset management data. We transform technical data into management information.

  • Collecting inventory data
  • Collecting asset statement data
  • Structuring and presenting data
  • Implementing an information management plan
  • Providing guidance in selecting and implementing tools to support asset management and maintenance processes
  • BIM 7D – presentation of BIM mock-ups for asset use and management

Strategy and planning

For a consistent vision of asset management, and a vision that aligns your organization’s business model with the engineering industry, you can count on Planifika:

  • Implementation and deployment of your organization’s asset management policy
  • Implementation of communication tools to deploy the organization’s vision
  • Implementation of a strategic plan that aligns the organization’s business objectives with asset management

Decision Process

Through various workshops, Planifika works with you to develop an asset management value-creation framework to fit your organization.

  • Analysis of asset lifecycle and uncertainty quantification
  • Implementation of decision trees:
    • balance between costs/benefits/risks
  • Financial modelling of capex and opex needs
  • Management and prioritization of capex project portfolio in relation to value model constraints

Change management

Does your organization need a culture change? Let Planifika guide your directors through this process:

  • Culture change coaching and guidance for directors
  • Change management – workshop facilitatorProcess review and analysis of organizational culture
  • Skill development – custom in-company training program

Lifecycle activities

Throughout your assets’ lifecycle, you can count on Planifika to guide you through the process of operating your assets and optimizing their performance.


  • Evaluation of the maintenance resources required based on the identified levels of services
  • Analysis and optimization of maintenance processes
  • Implementation of preventative maintenance strategies

Sanitation and Safety

  • Analysis and optimization of sanitation and safety processes
  • Evaluation of resources required in sanitation and safety based on identified levels of services
  • Implementation of BIM or CAD colour route in sanitation


  • Analysis and optimization of energy management
    • Gemba walk type (“Gemba” is a Japanese word that means “the real place.” It is the place where the added value is created, the place where problems appear, and where the client obtains satisfaction) with clients to find optimization opportunities.

Risk management and management system evaluation

Accredited as an Endorsed Assessor with the IAM, Planifika allows you to achieve the highest quality standards by guiding you through:

  • ISO 55001 certification audits
  • Implementation of performance indicators
  • Development of interactive dashboards

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